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Breaking out when single

The best time to break out of addiction or addictions that can determine your marriage, is or are when you are still single.Am talking about addiction you formed before marriage. Habittual addictions like mastubation; driving sexual satisfaction by yourself, watching pornography and during process can mastubate, lust, deep lust, furnication; whether in the heart or in the physical, immoral pattern of thinking, whether sexual or wickedly etc, can destroy our lives and destinies. It can also destroy marriages. And that is why is best you need to seriously start working hard on yourself. You need to be determined to break out. God will help you, if you ask Him, but, you need to show God that you are ready to break out of that habit or habits. The person having that uncontrollable deep habitual addition of lust when single, whether acting openly or secretly, or boldly or timidly will still do it if married. And lust is a sin, but a sin can become habitual, and can also become ones character, which can determine ones destiny. So, please take note and work on yourself seriously hard while, praying to God for help because, is not easy to break out of habitual addition or addictions you have lived with in the process of time. The beautiful thing is that God can make it easy for you to break out. Is also good you know that one can break out of addiction or addictions." A dream is not realised through magic, it takes hardwork and determination. You can make this or those habit or habits a dream of becoming a different person, to be realised through hard work and determination on yourself with the help of God


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